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Setting Up Homepage


  • Sean Jeremy started the conversation

    Yes, was attracted to this theme primarily due the multiple configuration homepage options that existed within the 'live preview' – however, unlike many previously purchased templates, these configurations aren't 'available' to just plug-in inside the dashboard/backend. So, the question:

    For the image grid(s) that exists in the live demo, which 'page builder' tool is used to create those image grid elements?

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    Ulziibat replied


    You can use visual composer page builder with block elements. It is very simple to use. 

    It is example tutorial for http://themeforest.nomadtheme.com/supermag/home-page-1/

    Step 1. Please create a page with Page Builder + Blog + Pagination Template 

    Step 2. Please Configure with Page Options

    Step 3. Set Loop Page Options 

    Step 4 Add Visual Composer Elements

    Step 5. Add 12 columns row and fullwidth blog elements

    Should looks like this

    Step 6. Add 4 Columns row

    Step 7: Add 12 columns row and Block L19 Element like step 5.

    Publish your page. 

    That's it.

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